Practical Ways of Saving Money on Airport Transportation

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If you have just stepped out of a plane, got into a taxi to your vacation destination or hotel, and the ride costs you $50, then you have reason to be worried. Spending over the top on airport transportation can kill your holiday buzz. Therefore, while airport transportation is necessary to get to your destination, you need to approach it strategically. Luckily for you, this article highlights tips for saving money in this regard. 

Book a City Hotel -- Most people don't get how a hotel's location can help with keeping their airport transport low. The logic here is that booking a city hotel gives you an opportunity to use public transport such as trains and buses that head to the city from the airport. These are the cheapest modes of transportation from airports and thus allow you to save a lot of money. Once in the town, the taxi ride to your hotel is usually short, and that will not cost you a lot. However, if you book a hotel that is far away from the city centre, then you will have limited airport transportation options. For instance, a hotel along the beach and away from public transport might require you to use a taxi. If you have a lot of luggage, then you will be forced to hire an even bigger taxi which will only increase the ride's cost.

Ride Sharing -- Until recently, ride sharing was not a favourite mode of airport transportation. However, despite its increasing popularity, some people find it difficult to share a ride with somebody they have just met at the airport for the first time. While these are genuine concerns, you can make the strategy work with a little effort. For example, you can start building rapport with the person seating next to you on the plane. Such friendly conversations give you the opportunity to know the other person better, and the chances are that they will be comfortable with the two of you sharing a ride. Alternatively, you might be lucky if the other party offered to take you to your destination if they are getting picked by a family member or friend. Whichever is the case, you will be saving transportation cost.

Use Hotel's Complimentary Shuttle Service -- When booking your hotel, it is essential to know whether they provide complimentary shuttle services or not. Usually, your hotel will tell you if they do, but if they do not, then there is no harm in making inquiries. Alternatively, the complimentary shuttle service might come with specific hotel packages. For instance, if the hotel offers shuttle services for guests that book luxurious suites, it might make sense to opt in, especially if you have a lot of luggage. If the difference between a standard and a luxurious suite is only a few hundred dollars, then the complimentary shuttle service will make sense.

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