Two Suggestions To Follow if You're Hiring a Wedding Bus

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If you're going to use the services of a wedding bus hire business on your wedding day, these suggestions might prove useful.

Visit the bus you're thinking about hiring in person

Even if the bus hire company has plenty of images of their wedding buses on their website, you should ask to view the bus you're thinking about hiring in person. Seeing the bus in real life before you book it will allow you to check that it is the perfect type of transportation for your big day. For example, if you or your partner plan to wear a wedding dress that has a voluminous skirt, then visiting the bus in person will give you the chance to measure the size of the seating spaces and check that they are big enough for you or your partner to sit in whilst wearing this dress.

Additionally, if you have invited older relatives who will be travelling with you to the wedding on the bus, visiting it will enable you to check that the bus interior has features like handrails that make it easy to enter and that its seats have soft cushions that will be comfortable for these relatives to sit on for an extended period of time.

Finally, this in-person trip to see the bus will let you check if the decorations you want to hang up inside it (like some wedding signage or balloons) will fit in the areas you want to put them and will not affect the bus driver's ability to see the road.

Send images of the bus you decide to book to your photographer

After choosing and booking a wedding bus, you should send photos of it to your photographer. The buses that are rented out for weddings are often beautifully designed. If you've chosen, for example, a charming vintage bus, this could be a lovely backdrop for a photo session on your wedding day.

If you send images of both the bus's exterior and interior to your photographer before the wedding, they should be able to come up with some fun photoshoot ideas that feature the bus. If, on the other hand, they only see the bus for the first time at the wedding, they'll have to come up with ideas on the spot and may not be able to drum up the same kind of interesting and creative concepts that they would have if you had given them a little bit of notice.

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