Measures You Can Take When Enlisting Refrigerated Transport Services for Your Frozen Food

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If you are launching a business that will be manufacturing food items for national delivery, your first obligation is to enlist reputable refrigerated transport services. Not only are these services critical to ensuring that your frozen food items will reach their destination still frozen, but they are also vital in making sure that your frozen food will be consumable once it arrives. But while refrigerated transport is reliable, that does not mean that it is invulnerable to accidents. Scenarios such as a breakdown of the refrigerated truck or damage to the truck body can expose your frozen food to fluctuating temperatures, and this, in turn, could result in spoilage. Therefore, you must be familiar with ways to minimise this risk before dispatching your products. Below are a few measures that you can take when enlisting refrigerated transport services for your frozen food.

Invest in insulated packaging

Admittedly, some refrigerated transport companies will provide their customers with value-added services such as packaging their goods for them. Nonetheless, this does not that you should overlook packaging your frozen food in the best way possible. And the best option for this is to invest in insulated packaging. The major advantage of purchasing insulated packaging for your products is that they will maintain the specific temperature that the frozen food requires for it to be legally transported. As a result, you prolong the shelf life of your frozen food, as you have considerably diminished the risk of food spoiling. As a bonus, consider including cooling agents such as cold packs and dry ice into the insulated packaging for further thermal resistance.

Label your products extensively

The second measure that you can take when enlisting refrigerated transport services is labelling all your frozen food products extensively. The mistake that some business owners make is exclusively labelling the packaging containing their products. The problem with this approach is that the packaging can be compromised, and this will necessitate having to remove it and store the frozen food products in the refrigerated truck on their own. If the frozen food products are not labelled, the refrigerated transport company will not be able to determine how sensitive the items are to temperature changes. The best way to minimise the threat of this happening is by ensuring all the food products indicate whether they are semi-perishable, perishable and so on. Moreover, you should also indicate the precise temperatures that these frozen food products should be stored in so that there is no room for error.

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