How To Choose A Refrigerated Transport Company

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Refrigerated transport is essential for businesses that deal with perishables. Your biggest worry when hiring a refrigerated transport company is the company's ability to deliver fresh products to your customers. The extract below contains some insights that can help you examine the competence of a refrigerated transport company. 

Condition of Trucks

Your immediate concern would be the medium used to transport your cargo. The rule is that the company's trucks should be in excellent condition and utilise the latest technologies. Most modern businesses are concerned about sustainability. Therefore, they are open to adopting green solutions. In this light, you might want to consider refrigerated transport companies that utilise electric trucks. Some companies also install solar panels at the truck's top to power the climate control system. 

Visit the company's premises and conduct a physical assessment of the trucks. Temperature loss is one of the reasons for product spoilage during transport. Therefore, the reefers should have high-quality insulation. Moreover, look out for cracks along the body that could let in pests and cause temperature loss. Finally, check the temperature ranges of the climate control unit to ensure they suit your products. Some companies utilise intelligent systems that give real-time data to ensure customers can track the condition of their cargo during transit. 

Staff Expertise

Although the company might have the latest refrigerated transport technology, it becomes worthless if its staff cannot utilise the technology optimally. Consequently, conduct background research to determine the expertise of the company personnel. Typically, they should be trained and experienced in cold chain logistics. Reputable companies organise regular training for their staff to ensure they are up to date with the latest cold chain practices. 

Cold Chain Practices

The company should explain how it will handle your products from the pick-up point to the destination. Inquire about the following:

  • What preparation practices does the company observe? For instance, the reefer should be disinfected, and your products should be cleaned and sorted, ready for transport.
  • How does the company prevent product spoilage during transit? Besides ensuring the proper temperatures, the products should be packaged and arranged to ensure maximum air circulation.
  • Does the company offer less than truckload transport? If it does, the reefer should be partitioned to prevent product contact and contamination. Moreover, the partitions should have varying temperatures if the truck will transport different products.
  • How does the company organise transport? Reconnaissance surveys will help determine the shortest and most convenient route. It prevents delays that could affect the product quality.  

When hiring a refrigerated transport company, assess its trucks, staff expertise and cold chain practices. For more information, contact a refrigerated transport company near you.

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